Brand: Active Mobility

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  • Ceiling Mount Tracks

    Our ceiling track options can work together for flexible room coverage systems and can adjust to various weight requirements. And our unique door connecting gate system can facilitate room-to-room transfers.

    • An efficient solution for situations where a specific, point-to-point lifting need has been identified
    • Aluminum tracks offer strong lifting capacity, suitable for bariatric lifting needs
    • Straight and curved tracking options can combine easily to create an efficient path around obstacles
    • Switches and turntables can be utilized to change paths and accommodate the individual and room needs.
    • Door connectors can be installed to facilitate room-to-room transfer situations
  • Koval Mover

    The Koval Mover is an excellent substitute for a wheelchair with its rotating padded seats and a knee support, which allow comfortable sitting.

    The Mover allows fast, stable and safe transport of a patient to the bed, chair or the toilet and back.

    The rear castors can be fixed by means of a brake. The Mover is useful for transportation of patients, who have difficulties walking or standing.


    • Rotating padded seats
    • Excellent substitute for a wheelchair